Julia Santos Solomon is a visionary interdisciplinary artist. One of the  most

successful contemporary Dominican artists on the landscape today. She has

employed each media with a sense of curiosity and prayer for guidance. Her

body of work speaks to the full range of one woman's life experience of a

vibrant cultural heritage. Color feeds her soul and is used to interpret both

personal and universal impulses. Her ability to instruct and inspire new

generations of artists epitomizes a generosity of spirit, particularly true of the

contributions she's made in the Dominican Republic as a founding faculty

member at the Altos de Chavon School of Design.

Now archived at the Dominican Studies Institute at City University in NY, and the

Smithsonian Archives of American Art in Washington, DC, Santos Solomon is

recognized for a greater contribution- that of exemplifying authentic self-

expression in service to her community and to the world of art in general.